Notes of Meeting 16 October 2020



Participating: Robert Fisher, Gareth Evans, Sheila Fisher, Martin Cox, Barry stubbings                                 

Apologies:           Dave Lewis, Gareth Jones

Purpose: To discuss key issues and progress planned expenditure.

Agreed immediate expenditure:

  1. To purchase a new notice board for Scurlage Green, to be sited close to bus stop. (£2,000)
  2. To relocate existing bench from opposite Salisbury Close to above new Notice Board.
  3. To purchase a memorial seat for war memorial garden area. (£1,000)
  4. To purchase new bench seat to be placed on green area at end of Monksland Road in Scurlage. (£1,000)
  5. To obtain from City Council, or purchase, new dog bins for Scurlage, Overton and Port Eynon
  6. To purchase Xmas trees for Scurlage and Port Eynon. (£500)
  7. To secure contractor to restore notice boards at Port Eynon and Knelston, erect new board at Scurlage, resite seat and clear old posts. (£500).

Further expenditure:

Knelston School – assistance with a blindfold/sensory trail in woodland area near to Knelston Garage.

Further projects:

  1. Liaise with City Council on speed restriction along A4118.
  2. Liaise with City Council on new and additional rubbish bins for Port Eynon.
  3. Liaise with City Council on possible long term lease of village green area at rear of Borfa House.
  4. Liaise with City Council/Gower AONB on lowering of sand dunes fronting shops in Port Eynon.
  5. Liaise with Sketty Housing on replanting of trees at Scurlage Green.

General Points

  1. Port Eynon Car park to be open on 24/7 basis, also key evening businesses now have a key to assist customers.
  2. Wire fence between car park and Sky & Sea Park is to be reinstated to original boundary.
  3. Posts along lane to Hostel and salt House to be cleared of encroaching undergrowth.