Council meeting 16th November 2020

Port Eynon Community Council

Minutes of monthly Council meeting held on Monday 16th November 2020 at The Old Pharmacy, Scurlage.

Present                  Councillors: Martin Cox, Robert Fisher, Sheila Fisher, David Lewis, and Gareth Jones

Apologies:             Gareth Evans

In attendance       Mr.Barry Stubbings – Clerk;

  1. Minutes                 Clerk confirmed that the notes of a ‘virtual’  meeting held via ZOOM technology on 19th October had been circulated to all Councillors.
  • Declarations of Interest      None were declared.
  • Matters Arising

None considered at this meeting.

  • Finance 

Clerk advised of current resources available and that two of the three precept payments had been received and final payment was due in December.  

Further to the last meeting Clerk confirmed that he had taken out an upgrade subscription for ZOOM meetings at a cost of £144 to facilitate further meetings using this technology. Agreed to reimburse the Clerk.

Clerk advised that he was experiencing difficulty in communications with CARIAD for provision of further defibrillators and all agreed that this likely reflected the Covid pandemic situation.

Timber posts around edge of Overton Green – Penrice Estate had objected and the present stones would be retained.

Xmas trees had been purchased from ‘Gower Fresh Xmas Trees’ for Scurlage and Port Eynon together with solar power lights. Budget of £750. Warden of St Cattwg’s church had kindly agreed for a tree to be ercetec in the churchyard near to the RNLI monument. Councillor Gareth Jones kindly offered to prepare sunken tubes

at each location.

Bench seat at Scurlage bus stop would be facilitated by relocation of the present seat at the Salisbury/Monksland road junction.

War Memorial bench seat had been ordered from David Ogilvie Engineering. Budget £1,260.

A further bench seat had been purchased for the green area near nos 20/22 Monksland Road. Budget £700.

New Notice Board had been ordered for Scurlage Green to be located nearby the bus stop. Budget £2,000. Board would provide for community notices in separate section to Council notices.

Repairs to Notice Boards at Port Eynon, and Knelston. Budget £200.

Wildfower planting at Sculage and Port Eynon village greens, and bramble clearance at Port Eynon. Budget £150

Traffic calming measures at Scurlage. Budget £3,000.

Clerk confirmed that reserves together with 2020 Precept were adequate to meet these commitments.                      

  • Planning  

Clerk provided a resume of applications recently considered and now approved or refused


2020/2269 FUL – The Old Pharmacy, Scurlage

Conversion of office premises to living accommodation including addition of first floor and porch.

The community Council have considered this application for full planning approval and have the following comments.

Council supports the conversion to living accommodation of this small property presenting providing office premises. In so doing Council notes that the present flat roof structure is deteriorating and requires substantial renovation works.

Council considers that the addition of a pitched roof and front porch will result in elevations which are more consistent with the residential street scene of Monksland Road. Council notes that parking is presently provided for the office premises by means of a lay-by fronting the property and that this will continue to be the case.

For the above reasons, Council by majority were of the opinion that this planning application is supported.

2020/2119 FUL Well Cottage, Port Eynon

Single storey Rear Extension (Amendment to application 2012/2543)

The community Council have considered this application for full planning approval to amend application 2019/2543 and have the following comments.

The amendment incorporates substantial changes to the rear elevation including 15 roof lights. No supporting floor plans have been provided to illustrate how the amended elevation is integrated with the floor plans. Whilst the amendment would appear to result in a ‘cleaner’ rear elevation the provision of such a large number of roof lights detracts from the overall appearance of the rear elevation.

Council notes that although the cottage is unchanged from the present arrangement of three bedrooms no indication is given as to how provision will be made for parking. Residents and Council are concerned that the lack of parking provision for Well cottage and neighbouring properties is leading to considerable congestion in nearby Orchard  Close which leads to difficulty in access for emergency and refuse vehicles to the properties in this area.

For the above reasons, Council by majority were of the opinion that this amendment to the previous planning application could not be supported.

  • Highways, Footpaths and Environment

No matters considered.

  • Correspondence

Clerk advised that he had received no correspondence of note.

  • Communications, Notice Boards, Etc

See above.

  • Village Halls

Chair advised that he had received notice that an architect was to be appointed to produce an outline scheme for shops, toilets and community centre at the car park in Port Eynon.

  1. Knelston Burial Ground.

Clerk advised, on behalf of the Trustees, that there was nothing to report.

  1. Any Other Business            

There was no further business.

Next meeting – Monday 21st December 2020, 7 pm. At The Old Pharmacy, Scurlage as pandemic restrictions precluded a return to meetings at Knelston School.

There being no further business to discuss the Chair thanked all in attendance and the meeting adjourned at 9: 00 pm.

————————————–                                                                                             ——————————————

Barry Stubbings (Clerk)                                                                                                       Robert Fisher (Chair)

10th March 2020