Minutes of Council Meeting January 2021

Port Eynon Community Council

Minutes of monthly Council meeting held on Monday 25th January 2021 via a virtual platform

Present                  Councillors: Martin Cox, Robert Fisher, Sheila Fisher, Gareth Evans

Apologies:             Councillors Gareth Jones, Dave Lewis

In attendance       Mr.Barry Stubbings – Clerk;

  1. Minutes                 Clerk confirmed that the draft minutes of the last meeting held on 21st December 2020 had been circulated to all Councillors. It was proposed by Councillor Martin Cox, and seconded by Councillor Sheila Fisher that the minutes be accepted and this proposal was agreed by all.
  • Declarations of Interest      None were declared.
  • Matters Arising

Clerk advised that there were none other than would be considered via the Agenda

  • Finance 

Clerk advised of current resources available. Invoices had been received from BHB Insurance for the annual policy renewal at £225 and from Ms. Jan Harris for gardening work at Knelston Burial Ground and Scuralge war memorial at £262 and £58;50 respectively. Payments had been made for both. All agreed to retrospectively approve the payments..

 Clerk advised that he was in receipt of invoice from Greenbarnes Ltd for £2,462 for the notice board at Scurlage, noting that it had been recently delivered. MC proposed, GE seconded and all agreed to payment of above three invoices..

Clerk confirmed that reserves together with final payment of 2020 Precept were adequate to meet all envisaged commitments.                      

  • Planning  

Clerk confirmed that he had circulated notice of applications recent applications and decisions.


2020/1398 FUL    The Bays Farm, Overton – Conversion of existing detached studio building to provide for a self-contained holiday property.

                        Application was not supported but is now approved as follows:-

‘In conclusion it is considered that the proposal, as well as affording economic and social benefits to the wider community, respects the proportions, design, character and appearance of the existing former agricultural building which in turn respects the wider countryside and AONB whilst also offering modern, flexible holiday accommodation. The proposal is of high quality design and subject to conditions controlling traditional materials the renovation will respect the visual amenities of the area. Therefore, it is considered that the development complies with the principles of Policies PS2, CV2, CV4, ER4, TR1 and TR5 of the LDP and Supplementary Planning Guidance documents ‘Gower Design Guide’ and the ‘Conversion of Rural Buildings’. Regard has been given to the duty to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales, in accordance with the sustainable development principle, under Part 2, Section 3 of the Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 (“the WBFG Act”). In reaching this recommendation, the Local Planning Authority has taken account of the ways of working set out at Part 2, Section 5 of the WBFG Act and consider that this recommendation is in accordance with the sustainable development principle through its contribution towards one or more of the public bodies’ well-being objectives set out as required by Part 2, Section 9 of the WBFG Act. Approval is recommended.’

2020/2119 Well Cottage, Port Eynon – Single storey rear extension with addition of 7 rooflights and alterations to fenestrations.

Application was not supported and has been REFUSED for the following reasons

‘The proposed development, by reason of the excessive number of rooflights being proposed, in conjunction with their sporadic siting within the rear roof slope, would represent a discordant and contrived form of development, that would fail to respect the appearance and character of the host dwelling, to the detriment of the character of the Port Eynon Conservation Area and the wider Gower AONB, contrary to Policies PS2, ER4, HC1 and HC2 of the Swansea Local Development Plan (2019) and the Council’s Design Guide for Householder Development and Gower AONB Design Guide.’

2020/2269 FUL The Old Pharmacy, Monksland road, Scurlage – Addition of first floor and conversion from office to a dormer bungalow.

Application was supported but has been refused for the following reasons –

1 The proposed dwelling is served by an inadequate level of private amenity space, to the detriment of the living conditions of the future occupiers of the dwelling, contrary to Policy PS2 of the Swansea Local Development Plan (2019) and the Council’s Infill and Backland Design Guide and the Gower AONB Design Guide.

2 The proposed resultant building, by reason of its excessive height and close proximity to the common boundary with The Old Surgery (to the south), would have an overbearing impact on the occupiers of this neighbouring property, to the detriment of the standard of living conditions they could reasonably expect to enjoy, contrary to Policy PS2 of the Swansea Local Development Plan (2019) and the Council’s Infill and Backland Design Guide and the Gower AONB Design Guide.


2020/2439 PRE    2 Salt Cottage, Port Eynon – Reduction in ground levels and new dwelling to provide additional family accommodation.

Application is not supported for the following reasons –

  • The proposed new dwelling of approximately 1200 sq. m. floor area with two double bedrooms is considered excessive as an addition to the existing property and far in excess of what can be described as a ‘granny flat’.
  • The indicated largely glazed elevations are not sympathetic to and in keeping with the historic location of The Salt House and neighbouring row of traditional cottages.
  • This new dwelling does not benefit from any means of access or provision of parking. Sole access is via an ‘unmade’ lane and the only provision for parking is some distance away in the public car park serving Port Eynon beach.
  • Considerable excavation of the site is proposed, this site is subject to frequent south-westerly gales and serious concern is raised over the stability of ground of adjoining properties unless substantial retaining structures are provided which would themselves form an unsightly change in the landscape of this sensitive area. Substantial sea walls were recently provided to secure the seaward edge of this site.

2020/2371/S73   Knelston Farm, Knelston                   Amendments to planning conditions imposed by 2017/0470/FUL

Application was supported with no comments.

2020/2589/FUL  Dinglebank, Knelston – Two storey side extension, revisions to fenestration and timber cladding at first floor.

Application was supported, noting the following –

  • The proposed extensions involve demolition of an existing single storey extension and replacement with a substantial two storey extension which will more than double the size of the original house.
  • It was noted that the present house is located within a substantial plot on the edge of the village boundaries.
  • It was noted that the new extensions are effectively at the ‘rear’ of the existing house and would not detract from, or interfere with neighbouring properties.
  • It was further noted that the village of Knelston is characterised by a number of large dwellings of relatively recent construction and in the area of this property a number of recent infill developments.
  •  Whilst the extended property will not dominate views from the road and the village, it will be dominant in the landscape when viewed from Llanddewi to the west.
  • The proposed timber cladding will provide an ‘unusual’ elevational treatment in the context of a rural Gower village, but it was acknowledged that it would be a unifying element between the original property and the extensions.

2020/2653/ELD      Scurlage Farm, Scurlage – Siting of a residential caravan

Application was supported, noting the following –

  • It was noted that the address for this application is incorrect/misleading and should be ‘Scurlage Farm, Scurlage’
  • It was further noted that a static caravan had been present at this site for some considerable time, and this had not given rise to any complaints or objections.
  • In principle the Council is of the opinion that every opportunity should be taken to limit and remove the presence of isolated and individual static caravans in the Gower landscape an exception could be made in this instance as it was in an urbanised location and provided accommodation in support of local employment.
  • Highways, Footpaths and Environment

Clerk advised that there were no new issues.

Chair requested that efforts were again made to engage with City Council for a site meeting to review traffic safety in Scurlage. Clerk agreed to write to City council with copy to Cllr.Richard Lewis and for Chair to follow up with Mr. Lewis.

  • Correspondence

Clerk advised that the only correspondence had received was in respect of continued support for the Gower Dark Skies Initiative. All agreed that Council should so support.

  • Communications, Notice Boards, Etc

Chair confirmed that new board for Scurlage had been received and that he would arrange for it to be erected, hopefully on the existing posts. If successful then the two posts purchased with the board could be used to re-establish the board at St Cattwg’s church in Port Eynon. GE confirmed that he had spoken with DL who had the tools and facilities to prepare the foundations for the new posts.

SF enquired whether it was still the intention to re-locate the existing seat on the Scurlage Green to the vicinity of the bus stop. All agreed that it was better for the present seat to remain at its location and for a new seat to be purchased and sited at the bus stop.

  • Village Halls

Port Eynon –  Chair advised that he continued to attend VHMC meetings but there were no new substantive issues. Following a site inspection he had identified the need to fell or significantly prune two large ash trees which were suffering from ‘Ash Die Back’. All agreed that quotations be obtained from a tree arborist for any necessary work.

Llanddewi – Chair/SF advised that they would again endeavour to contact Mr. Walters.

  1. Knelston Burial Ground.

Clerk advised, on behalf of the Trustees, that there was nothing to report.

  1. Port Eynon Sea-Front Improvements

Chair advised that he had participated in discussion with the appointed architects, held jointly with Cllr. Richard Lewis, and where the focus had been on the potential for a multi use building to be constructed in the car park. Further discussions were planned for the forthcoming week, when he hoped that more details would be forthcoming so that informed discussion could take place both in the Community Council and the community at large. Ge advised that he had been receiving negative feedback from local residents.

  1. Any Other Business            

Clerk advised that he had received a call from Ms Caroline Davies of the special events Section of City Council with regard to a request to hold a wedding reception on Port Eynon Village Green on 6th August for approximately 150 guests. Clerk had requested further details.

Next meeting – Monday 15th February 2021, 7 pm, using zoom meeting facility. Clerk to arrange.

There being no further business to discuss the Chair thanked all in attendance and the meeting adjourned at 8: 30 pm.

————————————–                                                                                             ——————————————

Barry Stubbings (Clerk)                                                                                                       Robert Fisher (Chair)

26th January 2021