Council Meeting on 19 April 2021

Minutes of monthly Council meeting held on Monday 19th April 2021 via a virtual platform

Present                  Councillors: Martin Cox, Robert Fisher, Sheila Fisher, Gareth Evans, Dave Lewis

Apologies:             Councillors Gareth Jones

In Attendance       Mr.Barry Stubbings – Clerk;

  1. Minutes                 Clerk confirmed that the draft minutes of the last meeting held on 22nd March 2021 had been circulated to all Councillors. Correction was requested to Item 6 to delete the word ‘recently’ for the lights at Sky Sea Park. Also to delete ‘SF’ from action regarding Llandewi Hall. It was proposed by Councillor Martin Cox, and seconded by Councillor Gareth Evans that the minutes be accepted and this proposal was agreed by all.
  • Declarations of Interest      None were declared.
  • Matters Arising

Chair advised that as a result of the massive programme in Gower to fell Ash trees, he had, so far, been unable to obtain the services of an arborist.

SF advised that despite door to door canvassing of opinion concerning the siting of a bench at the terminus of Monksland Road there appeared to be little interest. SF suggested that the bench presently available be located near to the bus stop. Also reminded all that purchase of a further bench had been agreed, it was agreed that Clerk should proceed with this.

  • Finance 

Clerk advised that £500 allowance was still held for installation of notice board and seats at Scurlage. Chair confirmed that he expected a quotation in the coming week.

GE advised that he had passed the invoice for wild flower planting to the Clerk. RF commented that extent of planting at Scurlage seemed to have been reduced. Clerk advised that it was best for RF/GE to take up direct with Parks Department.

Clerk confirmed that reserves were adequate to meet all envisaged commitments.                           

  • Planning  

Clerk confirmed that he had circulated notice recent applications and decisions.


2021/0434 – Four  Polytunnels to be erected at Llandewi Castle Farm.

Approved on 12th April 2021 as reasonable agricultural development but not to exist for more than ten years.

2021/0427/FUL – Attached single storey garage at 2Milestone Court, Scurlage

Approved on 9th April 2021


Week beginning 8th March – none

Week Beginning 15th March –

2021/0710/FUL 2, Salt Cottage, Port Eynon – Reduction on ground levels around the main dwelling and building of a natural stone retaining wall to create a level patio area. Detached garden room which will be used solely by the owner/occupier of the main building as ancillary & garden accommodation for the occupiers of the main application dwelling.

Council considered the application and made the following comments:

  • The location of the proposed building is in an area of historical prominence being positioned between the ruins of the historic Salt House and the Salt House Cottages. The modern elevational treatments while understood to be in architectural contrast to the historical buildings are considered to be inappropriate and if a structure at this location is to be permitted it should be visually consistent with the neighbouring buildings and cognizant of the AONB vernacular.
  • The presented photomontages are considered to be misleading. When the height of the building is compared to the garden seat nearby, the building will be at a higher elevation and will be far more obtrusive when viewed from all angles.
  • Whilst the intended usage of the rooms has been changed from that which was indicated in the Pre-Application submission, these changes are viewed as likely cosmetic. Should the application be granted then it must be with the proviso that the building can not be used for domestic habitation.

Overall the Council, by majority, does not support this application.

Week Beginning 29th March –

2021/0842/FUL Ivy Cottage, Port Eynon – Retention of sub-division of property to two independent units of accommodation.

2021/0794/ELD Ivy Cottage, Port eynon – Use of property as two separate residential units of accommodation (class C3) (Application for a certificate of existing lawfulness).

Council considered the two applications, during which concern was expressed at the accuracy of the presented drawings with regard to the location and width of the access and the area available for parking.

Council noted that in a previous application 2010/0861 permission to extend the property was granted on the express condition ‘The proposed development shall remain at all times an integral part of the existing dwelling and shall not be sold, let or otherwise occupied as a separate unit of accommodation.’ The present application acknowledges that the property has been let as two separate units for the past ten years in contravention of the consent granted in 2010. There appears to have been no physical change to the property since 2010, and the condition of consent applicable then is still relevant.

For these reasons Council, by majority, could not support the application.

Week beginning 5th April –

2021/0268/FUL Ship Inn, Port Eynon – Retention and completion of first floor side extension, two single storey rear extensions, external staircase, increase in heights of chimney and side falt roof, front canopies, external alterations and three detached storage sheds.

Council noted that this applications is in several parts and addressed it in the same manner.

  • Completion of side first floor side extension.

Council considered that the addition of a first floor to the present side extension, as previously approved, would improve the overall massing of the building and eliminate the present unsightly large flat roof. The windows indicated on the North elevation at first floor were not found to overlook neighbouring properties. Council had no objection to this worl proceeding.

  • Retention of two single storey rear extensions.

Council considered the single storey rear extensions to have no significant detrimental effect to the neighbourhood and to have been largely accepted by the community. Council had no objection to these extensions being retained.

  • Retention of external staircase.

Council noted that two rear staircases have been constructed to provide access to both the rear lawn area and the rear storage yard. Council were of the opinion that the staircase from the function room should not be approved and access to the lawn area should be solely via the staircase leading from ‘back of house’.

  • Increase in height of chimney.

Council noted the increase in height of the chimney and had no objection to this alteration.

  • Increase in height of side extension flat roof.

Council noted that the flat roof of the side extension appeared to have been raised from that shown on previous plans. They had no objection to this apparent change.

  • Retention of front canopies and changes to external elevations.

Council noted the changes, particularly to the South elevation and were of the genral opinion that the changes provided an improvement to the South elevation. Council however noted a change to the North elevation where one of the proposed fixed windows has been changed to a combined widow and door thus providing access from the function room to the rear lawn. Council were strongly of the opinion that this rear lawn area should not be used as an extension of the function room and should be restricted to use solely by the occupants of the first floor living accommodation. Use of the lawn as a public area should be prohibited due to its proximity to the neighbouring properties.

  • Addition of three storage sheds.

Council had no comment on the proposed addition of storage sheds where limited to the indicated storage yard.

  • Highways, Footpaths and Environment

Clerk advised that there had been no response or updates on the issues previously discussed.

DL commented that he had yet again been placed in serious jeopardy whilst passing parked cars outside the Highwinds residence.

Chair requested Clerk to arrange for the Gower police person to attend the first available ‘in person’ meeting of the Council.

  • Correspondence

Clerk had nothing further to report.

  • Communications, Notice Boards, Etc

Board at Port Eynon has been re-established and the Chair thanked Cllr Evans and the Clerk for their efforts..

  • Village Halls

Port Eynon –  Chair advised that he continued to attend VHMC meetings. At the last meeting there had been heated discussion over the legitimacy of decisions made by the VHMC and presented to the public and other representative bodies.

Llanddewi – Chair advised that he would continue to endeavour to contact Mr. Walters. Clerk reminded all that Council had previously agreed to fund any legal consultations necessary to review ownership of Llandewi Hall.

  1. Knelston Burial Ground.

Clerk advised, on behalf of the Trustees, that there was nothing to report.

  1. Port Eynon Sea-Front Improvements

Clerk confirmed that a written paper had been sent to all households in the Community Council area setting out the Council’s position on the proposals for the waterfront development and inviting responses thereon.

Copy had been made to all Gower Community Councils, The Gower Society, Gower AONB and all members of the Steering Group. Copy was also posted on the Community Council website and Notice Boards.

  1. Any Other Business            

Discussion took place on:

  • The obtrusive floodlights and cameras installed at 9 Boarlands to monitor the Sky Sea Holiday Park. Numerous complaints had been received from residents as to the intrusion on privacy. Clerk was requested to make complaint to C&CS Environmental Officer, AONB Dark Sky Initiative, Local Police, etc.
  • Matters of beach safety, including signage to deter use of BBQ fires, the prevalence of adders during this period of fine weather, and servicing of litter bins.
  • The lane to the Youth Hostel and Salt Cottages. Clerk was requested to make a FOI request of C&CS with respect to recent sale of strip of land along the lane.

Next meeting – Annual General meeting on Monday 17th May 2021, 7 pm, using zoom meeting facility. Clerk to arrange.

There being no further business to discuss the Chair thanked all in attendance and the meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

————————————–                                                                                             ——————————————

Barry Stubbings (Clerk)                                                                                                       Robert Fisher (Chair)

12th April 2021