Approved Minutes of Council Meeting on 26th July 2021

Synopsis of Minutes of monthly Council meeting held on Monday 26th July 2021 at The Old Pharmacy, Scurlage

  1. Present: R. Fisher (chair), G. Evans (Dep chair), M. Cox, D. Lewis, S. Fisher.
  • In attendance: B. Stubbings (Clerk)
  • Declarations of Interest : . Cox re planning application 2021/1500
  • Minutes: Proposed as amended by M. Cox; seconded by S. Fisher.
  • Matters Arising: (1) Floodlights at Boarlands – Clerk to file a further complaint. (2) Lane to Youth Hostel – Clerk to make FoI request re sale of land. (3) Trees at village Hall – D. Lewis to obtain a ‘local’ quotation.
  • Planning: 2021/1500 Youth Hostel bin Storage – Unanimously found acceptable. 2021/1750 – Unanimously found acceptable.
  • Highways, etc.: (1) Noted recent problems with blockages at the promenade Port Eynon and at the public toilets. City Council in attendance. (2) Recent Triathlon caused severe disruption to bus services and disturbance of residents (loud music in early hours of morning). Caution for future functions. Functions such as this should be limited to overspill car park to avoid above issues – refer to City Council Events Manager. (3) Village signs for Scurlage are missing and should be replaced at both Scurlage Castle and the Sports Club. Check to be made on legal extent of the restricted speed area – refer to City Highways
  • Footpaths: GE advised path and stile at 10 Boarlands is impassable due to encroachment of brambles and stile is rotten – refer to S. Parry at City Council.
  • Parking: Frequent parking in frontage of Culver House, Port Eynon is obstructing access by residents. Suggested to put a sign at the road junction directing visitors to use the Council car park. – refer to Highways.
  1. Traffic Speed in Scurlage: Lack of action – refer to City Highways.
  1. Finance: Invoice for gardening services by Rhodri Lloyd was agreed for payment. Quote required for bench at bus stop – Clerk to approach Rhodri.
  1. Next meeting to be held in September.