Redevelopment of Waterfront at Port Eynon

Swansea City Council have now appointed consultants to develop a concept design for a new beach/community centre building and seafront.

1.A steering group has been setup to include a cross section of Swansea City Councillors and relevant officers together with local community groups.

2.The Steering group design brief and study has been broken down into four component parts:-

Community ,      Tourism,      Commercial,      Travel and Transport.

3.The first Steering Group meeting in February concluded that two options should be considered

Option A; Retain existing Toilets Structure with extension for community and commercial activity. Potential for additional cafe at foreshore.

Option B; Development of a pedestrian street,improved beach access and facilities. Mixture of accommodation and commercial opportunities.

There is an additional, separately funded, proposal for a children’s adventure park and playground.

4.Consultation will be taking place in the wider community(subject to Covid19 restrictions) using online methods and possibly small group gatherings.

5.Plans showing proposals and options A,B and village hall relocation plans are shown on the attached Plans.

6. Having regard to the concept proposals outlined above, it is vitally important that the community consider the strengths,weaknesses,opportunities and threats of any scheme which will shape the future of Port Eynon for many years to come.

Your thoughts and comments will be greatly appreciated and should be forwarded to:-

Robert Fisher, Chairman,

Barry Stubbings, Clerk,e-mail:

Your response will then be passed on for consideration by the Steering Group.

Option A
Option B