Regeneration at Port Eynon

Dear Occupant                                                                                                           April 2021

PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT AT PORT EYNON VILLAGE                                                                   

In November of 2020 Swansea City Council issued the following statement:

Following a feasibility study for Port Eynon and Horton in 2018, Swansea Council has considered the issues that the report describes and the subsequent recommendations. In summary the study found that Port Eynon appears neglected and under resourced and continues to deteriorate with the village coming under considerable visitor pressure during the height of the season. Locally, the study found that there is some appetite for a proposed new centre that could solve many of the main issues identified at Port Eynon, notably those relating to the management of the car park, the condition of the toilets and boat launching procedures on the slipway. A number of connected issues and recommendations are also identified for the village of Horton.

Swansea Council is following up on the study’s recommendations and is considering a range of improvements that are likely to focus on the following areas:

  • Car parks -improvements to layout, pay stations and public realm.
  • Improvements to the Port Eynon seafront road layout and disabled parking/drop-off point.
  • Port Eynon beachfront landscaping.
  • Improved disabled access to Port Eynon beach.
  • Rationalising RNLI lifeguard facilities on Port Eynon beach.
  • Interim improvements to toilets & changing facilities.
  • Electronic/Smart controls for boat launching/slipway access.
  • Rationalisation of public information and instruction signage.
  • Clearer demarcation of dog-friendly/-free zones and facilities.
  • Improving pedestrian access to – and interpretation of – the beach, dunes, Wales Coast Path, villages, built heritage and biodiversity features (e.g. Port Eynon Salthouse).

Port Eynon Community Council welcomed this statement as reinforcing many issues that the Council had been pressing for action and providing the outline for limited and sympathetic improvements to this historic fishing village that would benefit both visitors and local residents.

In March, Consultants engaged by the City Council issued consultation documents for improvements to be carried out, focussed on the car park area with a series of options ranging from minimal improvement to creation of a pedestrian street with new two storey development along the side of the car park (for details visit or the Council Notice Boards).

The Community Council have received numerous comments from residents in the Council Ward and beyond to the effect that the current proposals under consideration by Swansea Council go far beyond the above objectives and will be detrimental to the characteristics of the village.

The Community Council, consider that any improvements should be limited to the following:

  • Redevelopment of the present toilets at Port Eynon to provide toilet and changing facilities consistent with modern expectations. Including provision of external shower facilities for both people and dogs.
  • Extension of the toilet building to provide a small number of rental ‘lock-up units’ suitable for seasonal occupation by RNLI, water sports clubs, etc. and office for car-park/beach management staff.
  • Improvement of the present lane to the Youth Hostel and extension to provide a surfaced pedestrian walkway giving unrestricted, safe, pedestrian access to the historic Salt House. (Vehicle access to the Youth Hostel and adjacent Cottages would be restricted by Smart Card or similar).
  • Improved controlled access to the pleasure boat slipway separated from the pedestrian walkway.
  • Improved car park access and car park management using Smart Card or similar technology.
  • Provision of a surfaced pedestrian walkway from the present concourse, round the frontage of Borfa House and on to Horton, replacing the present dilapidated and dangerous board walk.
  • Provision of modern refuse collection points along the length of the beach frontage.
  • Removal of dangerous buried wire fencing within the dunes.
  • Improvements to signage and provision of visitor destination boards.

Similar considerations should be made to replacement and improvement of facilities at Horton beach car park.

The Community Council urges all residents to urgently express their views on these proposals by

Text to                   077870 629268

e-mail to      

Post to                    The Clerk, Burry Court, Burry Green, SA3 1HR

Dropbox at            The Old Pharmacy, Monksland Road, Scurlage, SA3 1AY