Approved Minutes of March 2022 Council Meeting

Minutes of monthly Council meeting held on Thursday 14th April 2022 in a ZOOM format.

Present                  Councillors: Martin Cox, Gareth Evans, Robert Fisher, Sheila Fisher

Apologies:             Cllr. David Lewis and Cllr. Gareth Jones

In Attendance       Mr. Barry Stubbings – Clerk;

  1. Declarations of Interest      Cllr. Robert Fisher in respect of planning applications 2022/0699 and 2022/0779.
  •  Minutes                 Proposed by Councillor Martin Cox, and seconded by Councillor Sheila Fisher that the minutes of the meeting held on 14th February 2022 be accepted and this proposal was agreed by all.
  • .Ongoing Matters in Consideration
  • Traffic Speed at Scurlage – Clerk confirmed that he had written to City Cllr Lewis expressing the views of PECC on the survey findings and to request an urgent meeting with Officers of City Council to review measures that could be taken to reduce vehicle speed. No response..
  • Scurlage Green – Noted that several of the timber posts need replacing. Cllr. Robert Fisher to check on number of posts required.
  • Traffic Speed on Port Eynon Hill – Clerk had written to City Cllr. Richard Lewis, requesting assistance. No response.
  • Flood lights at Port Eynon – to be raised with Community Police Officer.
  • Plastic Free Village – Agreed that approaches should be made to create a plastics free village in Port Eynon. City Cllr. Richard Lewis was making enquiries to identify appropriate City Council Officer. No response.
  • Village Green, Port Eynon –Draft submission prepared and approved by Council. Clerk has made the submission..
  • Llanddewi Village Hall – Advice has been received that there is a Management Committee. Cllr. Fisher had visited the Hall in company of Mr. Robert James and assessed the present condition which he found to be poor but structurally sound. Agreed that Clerk should write to present Trustees seeking to appoint Council embers as new Trustees following which Council would be in apposition to take positive action. Clerk advised that he had received a request to hold a regular produce market at the hall.
  • Police Community Officer – to attend once meetings resume at Knelston School.
  • First Response Unit –Clerk advised that he had received no response from either the Senydd Member or, Member of Parliament. Noted that the Council’s contribution to the funding appeal was in the form of a grant conditional on the service being established. No response to date.
  • Defibrillators – Three of the original five units have now been serviced and re-established. Fourth unit was yet to be serviced and the fifth unit sited at Knelston garage had apparently been stolen.  Receipt of external cabinets for the newly purchased units was still awaited.
  • Finance

Nothing to report.

  • Planning  

Clerk confirmed that he had circulated notice of recent applications and decisions.


2022/0012 FUL. The Green, Overton Lane – Proposed two storey side extension.

Overall, Council was of the opinion that this application should be refused, and a side extension should only be permitted if it is of substantially smaller proportions.

Application was approved with conditions.

2022/0309 PRE. Milan House, Overton Lane – Single storey side extension and dormer roof additions.

Overall, Council was of the opinion that this application for a side extension as indicated could be approved but the proposal for extensive modification of the roof to the main house incorporating dormers and balconies should not be permitted.

Application was refused.


2022/0799/PRE – Briarwood Caravan Park, Knelston

Creation of an additional site for a static caravan & provision of a new office static craavn to serve as an office building.

Council considered the application and noted that both parts were part of the existing layout for this caravan park and as such there were no adverse opinions.

2022/0699/PRE – The Old Pharmacy, Monksland Road Scurlage.

First floor extension and conversion to residential accommodation.

Council considered the application and were of the opinion that conversion of the existing commercial premises to residential use was appropriate to the neighbourhood and an improvement to the present usage. Overall there were no adverse opinions.

  • Highways, Footpaths and Environment

No considerations.

  • Correspondence

No considerations

  • Communications, Notice Boards, Etc

Purchase of new board for Port Eynon deferred pending receipt of next Precept payment.

  • Village Halls

No new issues were raised for Port Eynon Hall.

Llandewi Hall – see Matters Arising above.

  1. Knelston Burial Ground.

Clerk advised that following notice from Mr. Rhodri Lloyd that he would not be continuing his services there was a need to find a new gardener. He had the name of a jobbing gardener and would contact him.

  1. Port Eynon Sea-Front Improvements

No further communications had been received.

  1. Any Other Business

Stouthall, Knelston it was noted that a new gate had been placed in the fence along the A4118. Clerk noted that this was beyond the parish boundary and should be considered by Reynoldston ComCo.

Clerk advised that he had received a complaint via the web site link as to the condition of the lane to the youth hostel. Clerk to once again write to C & CS

Similar complaint had been received concerning the state of the car parking area at the rear of Morfa House and the use of it by persons calling at the Ship Inn, which resulted in the lane to Horton becoming inaccessible.

Next meeting –  Monday 30th May 2022, 7 pm, at Knelston School, Clerk to confirm arrangements.

There being no further business to discuss the Chair thanked all in attendance and the meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

————————————–                                                                                             ——————————————

Barry Stubbings (Clerk)                                                                                                       Robert Fisher (Chair)